Air Force 1 – 25th Anniversary Show

If you don’t know now, these upcoming photo’s as well as future trips to your local joints will drill this into your head… 25th ANNIVERSARY OF THE AIR FORCE ONE. Now that we’ve gotten that outta the way, Nike’s been rolling through a bunch of cities with a bit of a display of some of the hottest Air Force 1’s in recent time. Although the kicks shown are pretty dope (a lot of rare shit mixed in with more stuff more easily acquirable), my girlfriend pointed out that there was nothing before 1998… meaning not even 1 pair of OG Uptown’s which was a bit unfortunate. But I guess there are some real goodies thrown in, Stash High’s, Hyperstrike Year of the Dog, bunch of Fragment stuff, PLAYSTATION’s!!!! etc. But I’ll let the pics do the talking…Some of the BEAT shoes, are actually from Edison Chen’s (CLOT) personal collection which is actually kinda neat.

First up, was just a bunch of random AF1’s over the year, as mentioned some straight up heat in some instances.

These black/electricity joints from 1998 with the electricity sole were definitely one of my favorites.

LOVE these orange canvas forces from 2001.

Up next was Edison’s own collection of AF1’s, tons of super rare shit!

The two on the left were Michael Lau customs, and the one on the right


These are the upcoming Original 6’s… the price tag is huge but in all honesty, if you sell em for $100, resellers would sell them for $500 anyways.

Awhile ago, there were videos regarding these super expensive hand made AF1’s that had snake skin as well as alligator uppers… there ya go. Price tag in Hong Kong is $16 000 HKD or about $2400 CND.

Here are some nice and simple upcoming AF1’s. Different from your regular white on white AF1 due to small differences in the way they’re stitched as well as better materials. One pair had stain proof white laces? WTF!

The most famous AF1 ever, post Tyra Show ahahha?

Hope you enjoyed the pics, luckily I’m not a huge huge AF1 head, so my wallet would be hurtin unlike some cats!





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