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If you’ve made it to the first sentence, congratulations for not being a narrow minded consumer and not skipping over this cause it wasn’t a Nike you didn’t recognize… and if you made it this far cause you were aware of the implications of Nike’s Considered line then congratulations for having conscience towards the environment ha! For those unaware, Nike started the Considered line as a environmentally aware method of creating shoes that are continually pushing the envelope. Many factors are continually assessed for their detriment to the environment. They ask the questions, can we do this with less chemicals, or use less energy and waste to do that? Whenever you pick up a Considered product, not only are you buying something that was created without harming the environment, but you’re also picking up something that will fulfill its intended function. At the end of the day Nike is still a sneaker maker first, and environmentalist second I’m sure haha.

Anyways, the two newest models of the (what I thought was dead/dying) Nike ACG line include the Soaker (featured up top) and the Water Cat (below). As you can tell, both have water sports in mind. I think the Soaker could assume the role as the poster child of the Considered line cause you can tell that it maintains a lot of the Considered line’s themes.

If you’d like more info on these upcoming models, check out Sneaker Freaker



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