Retro Madness

It appears that this is gonna be a big year for retro and OG Nike lovers. Tons of retro releases will be dropping for every type of sneakerhead.We will see everything from Pennys to Air Bakins and many things in between. Most exciting(at least for me) are the OG colourways of Andre Agassi’s famous Air Tech Challenges from 1990. Although at first in true Nike style, we saw pictures of the retro which were very dissapointing since they replaced the wild bright neon and green which makes the shoe so appealing, with toned down maize yellow. But it seems they wised up and noticed that true OG trainer fans were not happy about it and would probably not buy the shoe so they did brighten up the yellow and make it slightly closer to the OG(still not bright enough). Another retro im looking forward to in 07 is the Air Max light. We have also not seen a release of these since there original release back in 89 between the Air max 1 and Air Max 90. Although it seems Nike might butcher these with all the colours of the rainbow, all we can hope for is OG or OG looking colourways like the ones I posted since real originals will cost you big bucks and may fall apart. Big ups to Size? for all the early pics, expect these in a few months.




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