Air Max 90- RIP

Well it looks as though Nike has done it again. With these innovative and brilliant designs they have managed to once again murder a classic shoe. This new sample of what appears to be mutant Air Max 90 crossed with maybe lava dome boots make me wanna never purchase from Nike ever again. Im sure if Tinker ever sees these he may have to poke his eyes out much like I nearly did. Nike also did not just kill a classic and timeless shoe, they had to throw in one of my favourite safari colourways cause heaven forbid they make a new colourway for it, in fears that they wont sell them without hype from previous models.Maybe Nike should focus on making new shoes and colourways instead of molding popular old models to create nasty mutants.While im at it HOW ABOUT SOME MESH TOE BOX’s .Im sorry for the rant but this is not good….not good at all.

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