What the future holds…


I came across this at least a week or two ago but never got around to snappin’ a pic. Fire Red III’s are unofficially in Hong Kong. What I mean by unofficial is that apparently they are factory stock… which is best explained by Softhard from Hypebeast…

for example, Nike order a factory to make 500 pairs of shoes. Nike will provide materials for making the shoes. but the factory may make use of the materials to produce 900 pairs of shoes. the factory will give that 500 pairs to Nike as it ordered. the remaining 400 pairs, the factory may sell themselves to some people and so we can see in market.

factory stock contain official Nike materials BUT QC may not be good. sometimes with box and sometime don’t.

Just keep in mind the numbers are arbitrarily chosen cause I was gonna say… why would they give so much surplus materials.

However, the Spike Lee III’s look doper in real life, and the flip’s (the ones in the middle with the tongues facing you) are no better no worse.




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