Yo Dick Tracy called…


… he wants his watch phone back aahhaha. Ok lame joke, and I had to wait till effin’ 2007, some 70+ years since Dick Tracy had it going on while fighting Scarface. Regardless, this phone is great for those cats who rock the girls jeans with the spandex or really tight jeans in general (and lose their phones on planes?) OR get so friggin’ hammered on the weekends they go through a new phone every 3 weeks just from misplacing/breaking it. It’s actually a phone with decent specs (and will work on Fido/Rogers), so you aren’t just paying for the novelty of it…

We’ve been tracking this one for a while, and it turns out there’s a great reason the m300 phone watch took this long to come around: it underwent a massive, much-needed redesign for the better since we last peeped it. The final version should be hitting stores on or around March 25 (yes, of this year!) in your choice of pastel blue / pink, baby blue / pink, navy blue, electric blue, red, yellow, and black / gray. The production spec sheet for the 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz device promises Bluetooth, a music player, USB connectivity, and a 1 inch OLED display; heck, it even rocks dial-up networking, though the GPRS data speeds could have us weeping quietly to ourselves after a few minutes of use. Hit up the gallery for all the live shots you can handle!

It’ll be about $500 USD… however I’ll wait till the iPhone watch comes out before I buy!



info/images: Engadget


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