A preview…

I was able to get my Silver Jordan III’s a bit early since they’ve dropped earlier in this part of the world (China specifically)… just a heads up on what to expect really. I think that without proper care (i.e. Footlocker protectant spray) these will get FCKED pretty fast cause of the magnetic ability of nubuck to hold any dirt that touches it. As well, my boy C-Mings pointed it out (I literally took the pics and through it in my closet) that the elephant print isn’t equal on both shoes. The right shoe is has thicker lines then the left… oh well Jordan’s QC has been nothing short of woeful as of late… at least I escaped without glue stains. I think these drop on the 24th of this month in North America so I guess if you’re from the Edmonton area, eBay is your best bet :/.

On a side note… the new black Spiz’ikes earn the award for stinkiest fucking sneaker award. If you’re one of those cats that love the smell of new shoes, the smell of these Spiz’ikes may induce the equivalent of carbon monoxide poisoning from the smell of the glue. I actually wasn’t done looking at the shoe and had to prematurely put it back in the box cause i was 2 seconds away from passing out.




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