Analog X Gravis

A rather odd collaboration between Gravis and Analog on this new slip on Lowdown model. I say odd since Gravis and Analog are both one of the many companys owned by snowboard monoply Burton.You could say that this would be like Nike and Jordan collaborating.Anyways back to the shoes, you can see they have a cash print reminiscent of the infamous FLOM dunks. They definetly kept it tasteful and didnt overdue a $$$$ stunnaaa fake Air Force money print and they seem to have that “vintage” look to them. These are limited to a small 1200 pairs and should be released later this year. 1200 may be to limited for locals like Plush and Easy Rider to recieve them but I guess we will just have to wait and see. After all Easy Rider even received some Idiom gear a year or two ago so who knows.



images and info courtesy of Hypbeast via Provider mag


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