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New 10 Deep…….

Tomorrow Friday April 27-07 10 Deep drops at FOOSH.
Here are some of the styles we are getting.

See everybody tomorrow morning!!


New Nikes……..

We just put out some new Nikes today, 2 mens:

And 2 Ladie’s:

for those of you who missed out

believe it or not, we still have some rockers & fucking awesome pieces left! roll by the store and check it out soon before someone else grabs your size, or you see that annoying kid in your class wearing that shirt you’ve wanted for months 😉 here’s a peek at what’s still kickin’ the shop:

see you kids soon!

xo foosh staff

How to Video on….

…how to clean your kicks with Jason Markk’s new premium sneaker cleaning solution. It claims to be safe on ALL materials… but in my mind if it doesn’t work on suede then it’s as good as dead to me cause I haven’t found a decent suede cleaner EVER.

The product can be purchased at HUF, Patta, NORT, Ubiq, Kendo, proper, and reed space… but if you aren’t in any of those neighborhoods, just check them out at the Jason Markk site.



info: Hypebeast

How am I not THAT surprised???


Sorry for the lack of updates had a buddy from the 780 come and visit for the last week or so… was heading to my Uncles restaurant… came out of the subway (this is all going down in Hong Kong btw) and low and behold this Hellz Black shirt… which is an exact replica of a shirt seen here. They had the shit list slogan on the back as well… but to top it off… it had an In4mation tag, safe to say that Hellz bellz and In4mation share the same factory ahaha… I’ve heard of some random companies getting copied as well such as The Hundreds.



The Landlord



Life of a die hard fan…

Well folk here i am waiting in the front of Foosh, lining up to buy my FA. I just wanted to be the first in line. Damn is it cold out tonight!!! I just have a good feeling that there is not going to be very many hoodies. I just wanted a new one since they are reversible. And i wanted first crack at them. Before anyone else can cop them outta my hands. I’ve got one friend here already. So you better get here early cause my other friends are showing up tonight too!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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For who don’t know i no longer work at Foosh. Since the stock of FA is unknown Jud was not willing to hold anything for me. So i have be in the line up! See you in the morning Yo!!!

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