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hey boys and girls, we’ve got some new toys in the store from kidrobot and wonderwall. check the steez:


a new york thing in an edmonton store

is in the house today @ your friendly neighbourhood store, foosh! peep the technique, kids, and run down here to cop some new gear.


our summer goodies are starting to roll in again and this time we’ve got some new freshjive in the store.

foosh online store

for all you cats that don’t live in sunny edmonton, our online store should be up and fully functioning in a couple weeks, so don’t give up hope yet on those tees! they’ll be readily available to you once we get the gears rolling, which is very, very soon! keep checking back.

love, Foosh

crooks + mighty healthy now in store!

once again, we’re dropping nothing but the finest in gear. today’s installment includes crooks & castles and mighty healthy. peep the steez:



quantities and sizes are hella limited, so make sure you make a guest appearance in the store ASAP!

speaking of limited quantities, FOOSH PARIS HILTON TEES DROP TOMORROW IN STORE @ 11 AM SHARP! like i said, there aren’t a whole hell of a lot of these tees, but we made sure you cats get the hook up. wake up early and save your pennies, cos tees are gonna go fast as we have been getting mad phone calls lately. each tee is priced @ $44. see you tomorrow!

new hundreds denim!

check it out, boys! we gots some new hundreds denim in the store that you kids can get your hands on. heeeeere we go:

[we’ve got the black ones on the right. image courtesy of the hundreds website. thx!]

summer, summer, summertime!

yeaaah bwoyeee, it’s here! and although the weather may not make it seem that way, we would think otherwise thanks to new stock from reason, addict, and crooks.

we here at the shop would like to apologize for lack of updates on the blog lately as we have just been SWAMPED with so much stuff to get done. but we haven’t forgotten about you guys, so here’s some visual goodies that you guys can cop in the store right… NOW!




don’t be strangers and roll by your friendly neighbourhood store cos we’ve marked down a TON of our men’s and ladies spring stock anywhere from 25-50% off. so now maybe you can grip that new crooks shirt and that 10deep hoodie you’ve been wanting for so long *hint hint*

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