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So I went from ending the Cold War to…

…becoming one of the newest spokespeople for Louis Vuitton. Yes that’s right the world’s second favorite Russian behind Anna Kournikova is one of the latest lists of people to adorn LV’s newest ad campaign. The balding birth mark bearing ex-President of the former USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev alongside Mr. and Mrs. Andre & Steffi Agassi are part of LV’s return to their roots as luxury luggage makers. How they tie in I don’t know but hell I least I know who they are. To my knowledge, 2 of 3 of them have also been featured on the Simpsons in cameo appearences…. yeh that’s a pretty big deal.

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Relive Your Childhood on a New Era

Get your creative juices flowing and do your best impression of Picasso… or should I say Futura or Stash? Check the latest New Era Soul Capture package featuring a spiffy leather all-white 59fifty, a lasered box, a set of 8 different markers as well as a little info booklet. Only 3000 of these in existence worldwide. We only have 1 package per size so be quick!

If you got it FLAUNT it…

Well here it is…FLAUNT!!! This time around we have Bamboo Ballroom with Ginger and Derks. Its a new location that i was unaware of. I had gone back to concrete to find out that it was at Inspired Home Interiors(11807 105Ave). Shit. I was going to be late. But when i have arrived i was safe to find out that it was good timing. It was really great idea to have the show here at IHI. There was comfy couches, ottomans, and what ever they had that you could put your ass on! Turn out was amazing, clothes were gorgeous, and all the model HAWT!!! Again i was there shooting the event, and along side me was Ashely Armstrong(Kinetic Studio’s Well enough blah blah blah…on with the pix.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Again there is just too many pix that i took. These are just samples. Who ever missed out shame on you. Lucky that i took pix for your enjoyment. Next time….just come out!!!! I just rar. all the photo’s. You can download HERE!!!!!!!

new kidrobot toy!

what’s up kids, we’ve got some more goods in the house for you! this time around we have a new kidrobot toy – the nico berry fatcap 8″ spraycanouflage figure! peep the technique:

looks like even fatcap is down with serato too 🙂 hopefully we’ll see you guys in soon cos we have a limited number of these toys, so cop them while they’re still here!

More A Tribe Called Quest Gear Collaborations!!!


First Puma Clyde x ATCQ now X-large and Gravis are set to continue the trend with these Mightnight Marauder inspired fanny back, back pack and thong sandals… may be a Japan release though 😦



info/images: Hypebeast
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Reason Brand x Gerber Gear


I came across this from Reason and Gerber. Gerber actually makes tools for the US army and outfits them with various multi-tools and knives. Fucking crazy the different cross brand collaborations going down these days and these definitely top it for me in terms of craziness. I’m definitely not one for the advocation of violence especially from what I hear is going down in Edmonton these days, but still this doesn’t detract away from a project that in my mind is extremely creative when used accordingly. Although the “Weapons Division” really says otherwise hahaha.



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