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So I went from ending the Cold War to…

…becoming one of the newest spokespeople for Louis Vuitton. Yes that’s right the world’s second favorite Russian behind Anna Kournikova is one of the latest lists of people to adorn LV’s newest ad campaign. The balding birth mark bearing ex-President of the former USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev alongside Mr. and Mrs. Andre & Steffi Agassi are part of LV’s return to their roots as luxury luggage makers. How they tie in I don’t know but hell I least I know who they are. To my knowledge, 2 of 3 of them have also been featured on the Simpsons in cameo appearences…. yeh that’s a pretty big deal.

info/images: Hypebeast


You know what…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black male celebritiy that didn’t have a personality hahahaha. Check it as Dj Emz, Hawaii Mike, Dj Clark Kent, and UDI (starter of Training Camp and who was awesome in Just for Kicks DVD) have the daunting task of choosing the top 100 AF1’s of all time. Friggin’ ridiculous. I loved the OG heads warring over the inclusion of the Invisible Woman’s… but taking the black/electricity joints off the wall… damn near sacreligious! You can’t argue with these cats cause they are definitely some of the biggest AF1 heads in the world! Check part two after the jump.


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How am I not THAT surprised???


Sorry for the lack of updates had a buddy from the 780 come and visit for the last week or so… was heading to my Uncles restaurant… came out of the subway (this is all going down in Hong Kong btw) and low and behold this Hellz Black shirt… which is an exact replica of a shirt seen here. They had the shit list slogan on the back as well… but to top it off… it had an In4mation tag, safe to say that Hellz bellz and In4mation share the same factory ahaha… I’ve heard of some random companies getting copied as well such as The Hundreds.



The Landlord



I just found your new desktop wallpaper…


Well this specific pic may not be your wallpaper for infinity, but THIS website may very hold the key to never having a wallpaper you never like. Basically you upload a picture and it instantly transfers it into a mosaic for you. Perfect to do whatever you want with it since it comes out as a pretty big file. Print it out and hang it over your bed, or throw it over the mantle no big deal ahha. I did a half n’ half just to show you how it turned out.



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Shame on a Simpson ….

this sooooooo dope!!!

Simpson’s x Wu-Tang



Ali G x the NBA

Ali G (same guy that does Borat if you didn’t know) had a sit down with various people from the NBA… dude is pretty funny. I actually like Ali G’s character over Borat.



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