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we’ve been getting e-mails from some of you cats wondering where the online store is. well, this may have to do with the fact that some of you may have bookmarked this blog address and therefore are getting strictly what’s written on the blog. to alleviate that situation, go back to and you’ll see a newer site cos we have a new format. and then you can peep the online store.

hope that helps you guys out!

xo foosh staff


Kid Robot………

We got kid Robot Apparel @ FOOSH.


Big ASS summer sale!!!

instore only


new line out in the store today: NIGHTVISION! check it:

sizes are hella limited, so make your journey down as swift as possible.

kiser nyc is in edm

what’s up,  guys! apologies for the lack of blogging done in the past couple weeks, but now that we’ve got some new stock in the store, here’s a preview of what you can expect when you walk through those doors.

kiser is one of the new lines that we’re carrying here @ foosh. here’s some visual appeal for you:



new creative rec kicks!

oh yeah, and we have some new creative recreation kicks in store that you can possibly match up with your new gear!

new 10deep in store!

hey girls and boys, we have some new 10deep gear for you guys in store right… NOW! check it:



10544C 82 Ave Edmonton, AB
Canada, T6E 2A4

Mon, Tues: 11-8
Wed, Thurs, Fri: 11-9
Sat: 11-6
Sun: 12-5