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Anything less would be…



Yep, Sir Charles Barkley, the former bad ass who had a career that solidified as one of the greatest power forwards in the L’s history will now get officially recognized Air Force 1 styles. Word on the street is that 8-12 Low’s and High’s are to be featured in an Sir Charles pack that focuses on the teams he’s played from starting in High School all the way to this days in the NBA. Also included are some hybrids that are based off of some of Sir Charles most popular signature models. Think Air Force 180 and CB34. No word yet on a release date.

info/images: KATC

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So I went from ending the Cold War to…

…becoming one of the newest spokespeople for Louis Vuitton. Yes that’s right the world’s second favorite Russian behind Anna Kournikova is one of the latest lists of people to adorn LV’s newest ad campaign. The balding birth mark bearing ex-President of the former USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev alongside Mr. and Mrs. Andre & Steffi Agassi are part of LV’s return to their roots as luxury luggage makers. How they tie in I don’t know but hell I least I know who they are. To my knowledge, 2 of 3 of them have also been featured on the Simpsons in cameo appearences…. yeh that’s a pretty big deal.

info/images: Hypebeast

Kid Robot………

We got kid Robot Apparel @ FOOSH.


A Hundred Reasons to Dig Black…


I won’t go through all of them… but off the top of my head

-the sweet sweet sauce from donairs doesn’t look as shitty when you wipe it off 5 mins later

-no pit stains

-no dingy off-white

-less fading

… as you can tell I just hate white shirts ahahah. Anyways, two coastal heavyweights in NYC’s Reason Brand and Fairfax’s The Hundreds created a tee for The Hundreds’ Rosewood Collection. Although the tee isn’t new per say, Reason Brand just dropped their own exclusive online colorways of the tee for $35 USD @ their online store. Check it out!


It’s been like 5 years since i’ve been out 4 nights in a row. thanks for Team Canada and Steve Aoki for coming through, and rocking the parties!! here are some pics of this 4 day weekend! pics courtesy of The Cobrasnake
Team Canada night

Steve Aoki night


Let’s party…

Tonights going to be fun, Steve Aoki, Dusty Grooves, Gordon Thomas and of course Allout! dj’s(Echo and myself-Shortorund).
Come early, doors at 9, limited capacity. Oh and I can’t forget Cobrasnake

Foosh X Cobrasnake

Foosh X Cobrasnake

DJ AM didn’t show but look who did! cred: Angrycupcake

10544C 82 Ave Edmonton, AB
Canada, T6E 2A4

Mon, Tues: 11-8
Wed, Thurs, Fri: 11-9
Sat: 11-6
Sun: 12-5